aprende HTML

Know the necessary elements to learn HTML

HTML is a language that is used for the creation of web pages in the WWW (Word Wide Web), it is composed of a series of commands that are interpreted by the viewer or the browser, this being an executor of the orders contained in the HTML code ...

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image description

Why is the Title tag so important?

The title tag is an HTML fragment, which includes the title of your site, it is a short text that describes the content of the web page, this tag is placed within the tag, being an important element that will help you to improve your SEO ...

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optimizacion de imagenes

Optimize images to improve your website

Image optimization is a process by which the size of your file is reduced, this is done through tools available on the web or from your computer, the goal of this is to maintain a balance between the size ...

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como google ve mi sitio web

Do you want to know how Google sees your site?

If you have great doubt about how Google sees your site to understand what Google does and what not, then your wish is to know how robots observe your website and for this you can use some tools that show the information on your page indexed ...

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